Expedition Fort Wars

August 11th, 2007

Expedition Fort Wars

The war was over,
the battle fought,
who will be the winner,
A question in every thought.

Enjoy the new pictures in the gallery.

Patrol Scores for March

July 7th, 2007

Here are the current score from 4th March 2007 to 25th March 2007.
The Special Activities for this month includes: Survival Camp, Sang-li Mission Trip and Lake Gardens Outing.

Knights Of God
Knights of God Emblem
Attendance: 340
Brought Bible: 520
Proper Uniform: 280
Brought Workbook: 230
Special Activity: 750
Silver Merits Earned: 0
Total Score : 2120

The Crusaders
Crusaders Logo
Attendance: 330
Brought Bible: 420
Proper Uniform: 320
Brought Workbook: 160
Special Activity: 770
Silver Merits Earned: 0
Total Score : 2000


May 20th, 2007

Here is a Big Shout-Out to

    Pamela for completing the Mammals merit. (Silver Merit).
    Yu Tjin for completing the Primitive Shelter and Home Repair Merits.

Congratulations guys and keep up the good work.

Welcome to a new year.

April 20th, 2007

A new year and many new challenges awaits all the rangers in Expedition Outpost. As always we have the patrol system divided equally. The new patrols for this year are,
Knights Banner

Knights of God Patrol.
Crusaders Banner

And the Crusaders Patrol

Who will emerge as winners of the best patrol for 2007?

Best Patrol pin
Congratulations to the “Kit Kat” Patrol for winning the best patrol award for 2006. Each member of the team should be proud to achieve the ‘best patrol’ badge given only to the deserving few. The members of this patrol are as follow,

    Patrol Guide: May Choo
    Manesh Joel
    Rachel Chan
    Brian Tan
    Lee Yu Tjin
    Joel Yong
    Choo Jhun Hoe
    Renee Khoo
    Trixie Ng
    Jeffrey Yong

Keep up the good work Guys.





Patrol Scores

    Patrol Score Score as of March
    Overall Patrol Score : 2120

    Crusaders Logo
    Patrol Score Score as of March
    Overall Patrol Score : 2000