by Renee

Renee9 expedition rangers (7 girls and 2 guys) and 5 commanders went on a retreat on 8th June to the historical place-Malacca! Though not many turned up, the 9 of us were all hyped up and was ready to have a blast there! This is my first retreat as an expedition too! Woo-hoo! We met up at church at 8am but we left at 9.20am cause of some delays, and off we went all squashed in a van (Mercedes!)! Malacca! Here we come!!
It was a quite a long journey there but we had fun fellowshipping and chit-chatting. We stopped by at an old coffee shop for lunch. We then headed to the water theme park! We had a great time there, screaming our heads off when we’re coming down from the slide, syok-sendiring and just playing! The body slide was super scary! I was too afraid to open my eyes because I thought I was going to fly off any moment, but thank God I landed safely! The family tube ride was very cool too. The childish-ness in us was exposed when we played at the playground and Aladdin land! =p It felt great being young again. After 3 hours of fun, it was time to check in to our ‘hotel’-Cmdr. Herbert’s banglo.
We washed up and prepared for service. I was the worship leader for this whole retreat. The praise and worship went well even though we didn’t have a guitar (one of the string broke). Cmdr. Jeffrey shared on the theme of this retreat-stewardship. We did learn many new things. After service it was barbeque time! Chicken, lamb, potato, sausages, burger patties, salad and bread, we ate and ate and ate! We fellowshipped and practiced for the next service and next thing? We were all sleeping soundly on the bed!
The next day, we had breakfast then we played Taboo! It was a superb time! Tears of laughter came rolling down our cheeks as we tried to guess the ‘taboo’ word! We headed to town about 1pm.
Town!! Malacca town is a really happening place, with so many things everywhere and so many people. We went to ‘jalan gereja’ and took photos as remembrance. Since our stomach was growling, our next stop was-famous chicken rice ball shop! We ate balls of rice, lots of chicken, pork, otak-otak, fish balls and tauge (it’s a makan retreat!). We did some window shopping and next place? Dessert shop! Cmdr. Darren bought us ais kacang and cendols. Sweet! We continued exploring the town, girls do what they do best-shopping! We took a group photo at the Portugese settlement. I touched an iguana there! We went to the Dataran Mall for some shopping. Last but not least, we went to Jongker street! It’s something like our pasar malam but just that there is so much more things there and the stuff there is cheap! Interesting! It was indeed a long and tiring day (leg muscles aching), but we had a great time exploring Malacca and really enjoyed ourselves! We went back with plastics and bags of ‘barang’!
Wash up and it was time for our second service. The praise and worship that night was just superb! (we had 2 guitars now) When we were singing ‘how great is our God’, I could just feel God’s presence there in that hall with us, it was truly an awesome time of worship. My 2 guitarist-Sayfryil and Jhun Hoe! *applause* Cmdr.Darren shared that night. He spoke about many things, teaching us to have a servant’s heart, love God and be passionate about Royal Rangers. We had supper and after that the rangers decided to play war game! It was 1.30am by then. We split ourselves into 2 groups and we started the game. Our ‘war game’ is a ‘little’ different from the normal war game we play, we played indoor, and it was just ‘different’. We were laughing our heads off when we played, the place was quite restricted so we didn’t have much space to run around and our rounds never lasted more than 5 minutes! We played taboo for a while, this time with punishment! One card thrown (don’t know) means one push up! Military training camp at 2.30am!
The next day was our last day of the retreat. Time really does fly when we are having fun. The service that morning was great too. This time the sibling power-May and Jhun Hoe played the guitar. Cmdr. Shamita talked about money$$. I learnt through her personal testimony that it is never too early to start giving tithes! We had a special session after that, Cmdr. Petrina gave us a task to do the day before, that is to observe everyone in the retreat and write the characteristics and personalities that you admire about them. It was like a ‘testimony’ time. Everyone read out what they thought and feel about that person. It was an uplifting session, you feel loved and good about yourself, it is very encouraging indeed.  Praise God for that session. We had a talk about our current expedition rangers. We talked about the ways we can improve it and make it better for the enlargement of His kingdom! Then it was time to check out to balik. So long Malacca!
Another camp, another experience, and a better me! This retreat has hit me, reminded me and urged me to get out of my comfort zone, to be the change I want to see. We have to apply stewardship into our daily lives, to be willing to serve, and be humble. I truly praise Him for this wonderful retreat, though only a few went, we were still blessed and touched, too bad for those that didn’t went, it’s their lost! Haha.
Go expedition!

Expedition Retreat 2007

July 7th, 2007

by Pamela

Pam As I drowsily turned off the alarm at 6am, I realized it was the day of the Expedition Retreat. I got my stuff and hitched a ride with May and Jhun Hoe. Along the way we talked about what we were expecting from the retreat - the water park, loads of fun, laughter, and more fun or even expecting some ‘unexpecteds’. We took some equipment from the store room, loaded our stuff and ourselves onto the van and were ready for our journey to Melacca.

We were hardly off the vicinity of the depot point when we had our first ‘unexpecteds’! The van door had flung itself open and our stuff was strewn all over the road. What a ‘nice’ start, eh? We had, but to gather our stuff and reload them into the van. Thenceforth, Cmdr Andrew never fails to give the van door a real good slam each and every time – just to make sure and that was good because it sure worked!

All 13 of us; Cmdrs Andrew, Shamita and Jeff, and Renee, Hosanna, Sayfryil, Hannah, Trixie, Charlene, May, Jhun Hoe, Brian and I were chit chatting the whole way to Melacca. Believe me, it sure was a noisy van. When we arrived, it was as what one would picture - a very hot day. Cmdr Andrew told us not to eat so much because we were heading to the water park next. Judging from what we all ate, I do not think we all took Cmdr’s advice into consideration.

The water park was about an hour from the city. We passed by places that had paintball, go karts, archery, and horse rides. Since it was the school holidays, there were quite a number of people at the water park. An elephant was at the entrance which was unexpected. But what really gave us a shock was the cost of the admission tickets; RM 40 for one head!!! We were told it would not be so expensive, but we heard wrong, obviously. Nevertheless, we still went in and enjoyed the rides, namely; the family slide, the inner tub, lazy river, the wave pool, and the best of all, i.e., the body slide. You would slide so fast you could nearly fly! Trust me, o.k. After we had exhausted ourselves, we took a snack and left. This time, an orang utan and a horse drawn carriage were there to bid us farewell. Cool isn’t it?

We stayed at Cmdr Herbert’s holiday bungalow. It has a swimming pool, bbq pit, and ASTRO! Wash up, shower and checking out the house were before we had devotion with Cmdr Jeff sharing on using our talents as stewards of God. After devotion and just as we were about to have dinner, Cmdrs Darren and Petrina arrived. Their timing was absolutely perfect.

The next morning, we played Taboo after breakfast. We discovered Renee, Sayfryil, and Hannah’s hidden talents for the game. Cmdrs then took us out to town after we persistently and unceasingly asked when we were going out. Though the blazing heat was terrible, we girls managed to find something we all enjoy- shopping!

Chicken rice balls were sure good after our little shopping spree, with cendol as dessert. After filling our stomachs with food and taking our rest, we went for a real long shopping spree- a very trying time for Jhun Hoe and Brian. But think of it as training ground; a test of patience. Some bought bags, others earrings and food. As the heat was beginning to get to us, we spotted a new mall. The first thing that went passed our minds were air-con and more shops to see!

Pasar malam at Jonker Street was next on the agenda. There were a variety of things to see, from food to accessories, objects to animals. After a long day of shopping we headed back to the bungalow. I’m sure the guys must’ve been relieved. Back at the bungalow we washed up and got ready dinner. Then it was time for devotion with Renee’s song leading and Cmdr Darren’s sharing.

Being the last night of the retreat, we played a very unique version of war games. Ask those who went to tell you more about it. We played till 3 in the morning before we got tired and retired to bed.

The next morning, we had a real treat of French toast prepared by Cmdr Andrew. Some said his cooking’s better than the chef’s! Don’t play, play! Renee song-led again followed by Cmdr Shamita’s sharing on “The Stewardship of Money”. We also sat down to share our thoughts and views. There was much fun and laughter during the discussion and sharing session. Good time, I would say.

As the saying goes “Time flies when you’re having fun”, I realized the camp was over and it was time to leave. We packed and headed for home. As always, we were all making noise for the first half of the journey but slept the rest of the way back. Undoubtedly, all the excitement, shopping, fun, and late nights had exhausted us all. It was a trip definitely worth going for because we got to know each other better, maybe even knowing ourselves better, along with loads of fun and memories and of course learning some helpful and practical insights on stewardship.

Expedition Retreat

July 7th, 2007

By Jhun Hoe

JHoeHa.. Finally! The 8th of July has arrived. The day which 9 Expedition Rangers and 5 Commanders met at church at 8 am, all charged up and anxious to go for the retreat. (It was my first time going to an Expedition Retreat). We left church at around 9:20 am because of some delays. Squashed in a Mercedes Van we started our journey. Hello!! Malacca! Bye bye PJ!!
At last! After a long journey, we finally reached our destination Malacca! We stopped by a coffee shop to have our lunch and then we headed to the water theme park!
When we arrived, it started to drizzle, but that didn’t stop us from having fun. We had a great time there, shouting our heads off when we came down from the slides. Then there was this body slide which was so super high and super scary!! I did not dare open my eyes because I felt like I was going to fly off the slide but I landed safely, it was syok man!!! (an indescribable feeling). Then there was this family tube slide which was cool! I was laughing my head off, especially after seeing the people in the same tube as mine screaming on our way down. Those rides made me feel younger (I am still young though). After 3 hours of fun, we finally had to leave but I had more fun than I expected. I thought that the water park wouldn’t be fun but after experiencing it.WOW! Then we headed to Cmdr Herbert’s banglo.
We washed up and prepared for service. The worship went on smoothly even though we had no guitar because one of the strings broke but we had a fantastic song leader (Renee) to lead us in the time of worship. After worship we had our great Cmdr Jeffrey as the speaker for the first day. He shared on the theme of the retreat- stewardship. After service, it was finally time for our BBQ! Let the fiesta begin! We had chicken, lamb, sausages, garlic bread, potatoes, burger patties and salad, I tell you we ate and ate and ate continuously. We also had a fun time fellowshipping with the Commanders and a few hours after that we were all in our beds sleeping to get ready for a more exciting time tomorrow.
The next morning we had char siu pau and lo mai kai and dim sum for breakfast (all the thanks to Cmdr Darren for waking at 5 am to buy for us). Then Cmdr Petrina gave each one of us a task, that is to write the good thing you observe everyone in the retreat and the dateline was tomorrow! Then we had a fun time of Taboo! we were all laughing till our faces were red just trying to guess the “taboo” word. After that we left for town at 1pm. Wow!! I tell you Malacca town is really a very busy place with so many people and stores everywhere. We went to a place which I call it “Jalan Merah” because most of the buildings were red. Then all our stomachs were growling for food, so we stopped by the famous chicken rice ball restaurant. We had otak-otak, chicken rice balls, chicken, ice-lemon tea and fishballs and again we ate and ate and ate (since this retreat is all about eating). We did some shopping and next place?? The dessert shop! Cmdr Darren belanja all of us cendol and ice kacang. Sweet!! Then the girls did what all girls are best at….. shopping! Then we went to Malacca’s very own MEGA MALL (which is also called Dataran Mall) After enjoying the air-cond there (because the weather was so hot) we headed for Jonker Street!! It is something like our pasar malam but there were much more things there and the things were cheap! We had a long and tiring day but it was fun exploring Malacca and we really had a great time.
We washed up and it was time for service! We had a splendid! time during worship, the worship was super!! The songs were great and we truly had a awesome time of worship. Then we had the great Cmdr Darren to share that night. He spoke about being passionate for Rangers and to have a servant’s heart. After that we had supper and again we ate and ate and ate. After eating till our stomachs were filled, we decided to play war games!! YIPEE!! It was 1:30 am by then. We split ourselves into two different groups and then let the war begin. The games was different from what we normally played because we had limited space. But it was fun! I could hear everyone shouting RENEE!! HOSANNA!! PAM!! BRIAN TAN!! CHARLENE!! And many more and everything was pitch black so no one could see anything. We had such a great time (even though the game ended in less than 5 minutes) but even before the game ended we were laughing our heads off because it was so funny seeing everyone shouting and banging into one another. I tell you it was hilarious and it was super!! Then we had a little game of Taboo which was like a military camp, Whoa!! Cmdr Jeffrey mage a rule that if we skip a card or miss a card we had to do push-ups!! Imagine military camp at 2:30 am!!
The next day which was the last day of our retreat…. We had a great time of worship too and then we had Cmdr Shamita to share with us. She spoke about money ($_$) After the service, it was time to share what we observe about everyone in our retreat. Everyone read out what they felt and thought about the person and it was a very touching session (but nobody cried) After that we talked about ways of improving our current Expedition ranger. Then it was time for us to go home. Time really does fly when you are having a lot of fun.
Sigh… the camp finally over, it was a great camp and now I am starting to miss it. I’ve really learned a lot and from my own personal experience this is one of the best Expedition camps I have ever been. And I really want to thank God and all those who took the effort and time to make this retreat a great success especially GBS and the Commanders. We wouldn’t have such a fun retreat if it was not because of all your efforts.

by Senior Guide May Choo.

MayThe Expedition Retreat was a success. Although there were very few of us there, we still had a great and wonderful time. We were able to get to know the different side of some people (you won’t be able to guess what we found out about each other). I would like to thank all the patrol guides and assistant patrol guides for all the efforts they have put into this retreat, and for the times they spend calling all their members. Besides that I would like to thank all the cmdrs for their efforts and their dedication in serving us by cooking, preparing food and driving us around. I believe that the Expedition retreat was a success because of these people.

– by Brian Tan Mingxin

BrianDay 1.

It was the 8th of June 2007 at 8.00 in the morning. We had packed our stuff into the van. 3 Commanders, 9 Expedition Rangers and 1 Adventure Ranger squeezed into the van packed with luggage. Soon we were off!
“Aaaa!” *CRASH!* Pots, pans and vegetables tumbled out of the boot onto the road. A few of us rushed to the fallen items and quickly tossed them back into the boot. What a way to start our journey! The Retreat sure promised us excitement!
After that we were off. The boot didn’t betray us again (Thank God). The journey was fun, cruising along the highway till we reached Malacca.
We started the first activity of the Retreat – fun at the A Famosa Water World! Well, wadaya know, a dancing elephant near the entrance! Soon we got changed and headed for the rides! There were 4 rides –a three-seater ride, a typical float ride, a body slide and… a speed slide…
For the speed slide, we had to climb about a hundred steps to reach the top. Up there, we had to choose – life or death (just kidding). We had to choose left or right. The right slide was less extreme. It had humps all the way down (Jhun Hoe flew when he went passed the humps). For the left slide, there was at first a short tunnel and then we plunged right down at an insane angle at breakneck speed! When we reached the bottom, we parted the water like Moses did the Red Sea till we came to a stop. What a ride.
We also lazed around at the lazy river, letting the current take us.
We finally got back to where the Commanders were waiting and had our lunch. Commander Jeffery’s advice: DON’T order the chicken rice. Go for the hot plate noodles. I’m glad I did because there were a lot of flies which didn’t dare try to eat the noodles. They would have been fried.
After lunch, we went to our bungalow at A Famosa! This place is probably fancier than my own house. However, there were a lot of flies here too… There were legions of ants as well! The flies were soon taken care of by Jhun Hoe who swatted quite a few of them with a cloth. But look at the bright side! There were 4 bedrooms, great sofas, a BBQ pit, two bathrooms and a swimming pool! There was even Astro! Sweet…
In the bungalow, we played Taboo, watched Astro, had a great BBQ dinner, and a Devotion by Commander Jeffery about stewardship and how we should put whatever God has given us to good use. Later, Commander Darren and Commander Petrina arrived. Commander Darren told us a few things about Texas. He brought back beads, scarves and even an axe! Of course, he also brought back patches.
We had a pretty eventful day. Lights went out at 1+ am.

Day 2

*YAWN* Brrr… It was freezing! My room-mate, Jhun Hoe, sure likes a cold bedroom. We washed up and got ready for a full day in town!
First, we had breakfast with the BBQ left over from the previous night, played Taboo again and had a Devotion by Commander Andrew. We then headed to town! We parked at the Museum grounds and went straight for the shops/stalls in Jonker Street.

There were various things on sale such as wooden katanas, rubber band guns, key chains and other souvenirs. We had a great time in the various shops. The girls went to buy a ‘few’ pairs of earrings on sale while Commander Jeffery bought a rubber band gun and I bought a wooden katana.
Lunch time. We had a delicious (and very filling) meal of chicken rice balls, chicken, fish balls, bean sprout and a pork dish. We had to force the left over fish balls down our overflowing stomachs.
We then went shopping in a nearby mall. The ladies went as a group while the guys went to look at camp supplies. We then headed back to Jonker Street and spent the rest of our afternoon there, strolling about and looking at anything that caught our eye. It finally got dark and we headed back to the van. What a day.
We washed up from the tiring day and got ready for another BBQ. It was Armageddon for the ants as one of us started spraying them with Shelltox right and left. We had a good BBQ. Devotion was shared by Commander Shamita. We then played Taboo with Commander Jeff’s new rule: The number of cards a team could not guess is the number of times each member of that team had to do push ups (for the guys) and ear squats (for the girls).
Lights out past midnight.

Day 3.

*YAWN!* Very cold! We had a good breakfast of French toast and had a Devotion led by Commander Darren. Then there was a time of sharing. Each of us shared about what we had observed about each another over the course of the Retreat, Commanders included. The sharing was nice and interesting and helped us know ourselves and each other better.
We then checked out and headed for home. We all were very tired from the Retreat and slept in the van. We woke up to find that we were back in PJ.
It was a really fun Retreat where we got to know each other better. I believe all of us took something beneficial back home from the Devotions, fellowship and experiences we had there.





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